Why I Got Off Birth Control

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Why I got off birth control?!

When it comes to birth control, their isn’t a lot of information on options – when I was in school it was either don’t have sex or go on birth control pills. Maybe I wasn’t paying much attention in my high school sex eduction class but all I really remember is filling out diagrams of vagina’s and penises.

I went on the birth control pill when I was about 17 and I did this through my school nurse because I was too embarrassed to tell my Mom that I was having sex. Looking back I wish I confided in my mother for these things but I don’t really know why I was so ashamed of letting her know this because she is one of the most open-minded people I know.

I guess its a teenager thing?

Then that was it, I was on the pill from 17 years old till June 2017 and I got off just before turning 25.

I wasn’t really planning on or thinking about making the switch at all but I’ve been interested in health for a long time and I follow a-lot of health and wellness influencer and they would naturally share this type of content. Clearly those topics are very interesting or you wouldn’t be reading my experience. I started to evaluate how I have been feeling and then started to go hardcore researching on the pill, birth control options and fertility.

After reading so much on the birth control pill and hearing all the side effects it causes women. I quickly realized that I have been experiencing these side effects regularly and because of how long I had been on the pill, that it all felt very normal to me. I had always felt that the week before my period I would be in a fog mentally, I’de be just waiting for my period to be over so I would feel back to normal. This is one thing that I knew had to change. As I have entered my twenties I feel that my period had became very unpredictable. Sometimes it would last for 7 days or 4, other times I would feel totally normal then I would be crazy moody for two weeks. When you think about it, I have been controlled by my damn vagina for the past 9 years.

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I finally met with my doctor and told her I wanted to get off the birth control pill and wanted to hear her opinion of birth control options and what she thought was best for me.

Then my partner and I discussed what we felt was best and almost right away after this discussion I got off the pill. This is seriously one of the best decisions I have made for my health. Within that three months, I gotta tell you it felt like I was reborn, birth control is known to lower your libido and let me tell ya its true. I have always enjoyed sex but I’ve never really known sex not on the pill so it was definitely a new experience being hormone free.

After a few months of not using an contraception other than condoms.

My partner and I were a little worried about the chance of getting pregnant with only condoms being our protection. We know we are not ready to have a child and wanted to be protected.

Generally condoms kinda suck too.

The birth control alternative options I researched were….

All of these above have clickable links so you can learn more!

After much consideration I went with The IUD for a few reasons:

  • 1: It only releases one hormone –levonorgestrel. Unlike the birth control pill that releases two hormones and one of which is estrogen and is the main factor of the side effects caused by taking the pill daily. Levonorgestrel is a synthetic hormone that prevents pregnancy.
  • 2: The Daysy is very expensive and not covered by Canadian health insurance.
  • 3: The shots hormones and time factor is not for me.
  • 4: The natural fertility tracking method is to track your temperature and cervical fluid from my research is the best method of birth control for your health and is best explained by the book mentioned above. I think the idea of doing this is amazing but the reality for me doing this and not being scared shitless is very real. At this point in my life this method is not for me but I would like to try it the future.

In conclusion, I think its very important to do a lot of research on birth control. If you are experiencing any of these side effects, it should be something to consider because I do believe the side effects will only increase with time. I will also be writing a blog post on my IUD experience!

Stay tuned!

*This is 100% opinion based article*

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