Live Free Holiday Launch Party

As sisters this December we wanted to celebrate the launch of Live Free by hosting our first ever Holiday Party in our hometown – Niagara. We had a lot of our close friends and family join us to see what we have been up to since the summer and what Live Free is all about. This was also our test of our skills and knowledge to see what we can really do!

We decided it had to be completely gluten-free, nut-free and of course – vegan… Now we meant the entire party…So a 3 course meal with dessert, cocktails, wine and more. We wanted to go all out to really show what we are capable of and show them that any kind of event, dinner or meal can be made allergy friendly and that Live Free is all about sharing inside of a community.

Needless to say….It was a hit.



Here are some of the highlights we had to share with you:

One thing we really prided ourselves on for our launch party was being absolutely sure that all the products we used, served and had in house were gluten free, vegan and nut free.
The food part was easy but the challenge was when it came to the alcohol and drinks. Luckily Anna  loves this kind of challenge… we did tons of research to make sure we could keep as much as we could local and kept ourselves informed on what we were going to use, have on the tables, be sure it was allergy friendly and of course what our guests would most certainly enjoy.

Turned out… everything was a perfect fit.

Let’s start with the beginning…

Cocktail hour –


We did a vegan mozzarella byMain Vegan with a grape tomato and some olive oil with basil skewered together.

It was totally adorable and delicious! People loved the soy based mozzarella (even though vegan cheese was new to many people which was a win for us) and a lot could barely tell the difference in this one bite size treat!

The absolute star of cocktail hour was the Arrencini balls by Livbon that were deep fried  gluten free balls filled with a soy based vegan cheese. We literally ran out in 40 minutes. It was insane and people couldn’t get enough of them. NO ONE believed they were vegan either especially not gluten friendly. ANOTHER WIN!

Signature cocktails:

We ran two cocktails throughout the hour and really caught some attention.

Free From French Martini –

This cocktail was so easy and fun to make. We took the simple french martini and twisted it with a splash of cassis to give it a fruity tang. Garnished with a pineapple these things were gone too quickly! Find the recipe here.

Peppermint Bark Martini –

This literally tasted like Christmas. Enough said. Recipe here.







The Bar –

Dinner wine: 

We found out that Small Talk Winery  is completely vegan and gluten free so their wine was a YES from us. Already being a personal favourite from NOTL (local). Ps…Finding a gluten free wine was easy but finding vegan wine was tougher than we thought it’d be.

Beer: Which also came to beer which was a hurdle because we are not personal beer drinkers but we knew many of our guests were. So of course we knew we had to have the best in gf beers to be sure to impress. Glutenberg beer came to mind and of course everyone loved it!! Not a can left!

Cider: this was simple… back to Small Talk Winery   to grab Shiny Cider a local favourite with so many yummy and SAFE flavours. The Pinot Cider is Anna’s favourite.

Spirits: We made sure there was friendly options on our bar and then the rest well…was up their discretion and I’m pretty sure we made history… or at least did something #gamechanging haha!



Hot Chocolate bar

We had an amazing hot cocoa bar at the LFC holiday party! Everything was completely dairy free, vegan, gluten free, and nut free!! .

Complete with double Dutch hot chocolate marshmallows, peppermint marshmallows, dairy free chocolate chips, mini chocolate chip cookies, French vanilla milk, coconut whipped cream, coconut nog , and vegan candy canes!

Bonus find: We really wanted a replacement for baileys for our coffee and hot cocoa bar… it was hard to find something vegan, gf AND nut free. After days of research, I went over the border to find bombom! A soy based rum liquor that is labeled gluten free and vegan! It was so yummy and their best flavour is the fully baked inspired by Ben and Jerry’s half baked ice cream! So tasty and took this hot cocoa bar to the next level!

Thanks to brands like Bombom, enjoy life, so delicious, dandies, and wholesome sweet for such amazing products!

Dessert –



We had 3 different Live Free banana breads, allergy friendly sugar cookies and of course a staple for any dessert buffet… Dolled Up Desserts baking did a raspberry meringue cake and a candy cane cake! BOTH OF THESE WERE TO DIE FOR and I don’t think there was a morsel left.

Now we know you guys are all wondering about the main part of the evening…







Dinner –

Buns – We spoke with the owner over at Edible Options. Another local bakery in our hometown. Dedicated GF of course. She is absolutely amazing and made a special vegan edition of her incredible GF buns. They were devoured….10/10 recommend this place. If you’re in the area go say hi and enjoy their strawberry shortcake muffins and take lots of bread home to freeze. Her gf bread is the best in Ontario…in our opinion.

1st course was a roasted spicy beet soup complete with a (vegan) sour cream dollop and parsley garnish. This is served with a little kick of cayenne that I think everyone enjoyed. Everyone kept complimenting the surprise spiciness and how it really made them appreciate having a soup dish which you don’t see often. Also the fact the soup had so much creaminess in it wit

h being completely dairy free was an amazing shock for everyone. Get the recipe here.

2nd course was our mushroom fusilli pasta made with Catelli’s fusilli. This is a garlic and oil based sauce mixed with mushroom and spinach. Find the full recipe here.  This was a fan favourite and everyone has been begging me for the recipe so be sure to check it out here!

3rd course was the hit! We did a plain roasted potato as we knew everyone would love it. We served our dinner with our favourite classic Brussel sprouts by Oh She Glows – shoutout to her amazing cookbook. The “meat” of the plate was a stuffed butternut squash roast which (we think) dropped peoples jaws! Find the recipe here. The squash was the perfect replacement for any meat on a holiday meal and was just the right amount of heartiness and tastiness.

It ended up being so much food for people as they did not expect such an allergy friendly meal to be so filling! We think everyone was happy with the menu and people are already asking about next years festivities! We are thinking annual and exclusive LFC holiday party for all to join? Maybe tickets…maybe invite only?? What do you guys think?! Let us know in the comments!

All we know is this year; 2018’s party we tore up the dance floor to work off all that food!

Hmmm…..Who else knows what we will come up with next year?!

See more photos here!

Thank you to Racheal of childoflightphotography for her amazing photos of the evening.


P.S. If you were one of 50 to receive a LFC gift box what was your favourite item inside








be on the lookout for our next holiday themed surprise for LFC ….hint: is love in the air? 😉 

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  1. Kevin Gillingham 2 years ago

    Looks so dreamy and awesome! Thank you for showing the world any kind of event can include everyone! Such a magical evening.

  2. Deb 2 years ago

    My favourite was the wine from Small Talk Vineyards and the Arrencini balls from Livbon and the cake from DolledUpDeserts was amazing but then the entire evening of food, wine, cocktails and family and friends was perfect.

  3. Susannah 2 years ago

    Beautiful memories captured. I hope to make the next event!

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