Top 4 Gluten-Free Finds in New York City

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Anna’s Top 4 Gluten- Free Finds in New York City

Last week I took a quick getaway to New York City to take a break before the holidays. My boyfriend and best friends packed our bags and we headed into the great city of Manhattan. We explored for 3 days straight – ate too much, drank too much and had way too much fun… Typical vacation stuff!


New York City is my current favourite food and drink capital in my brain. We purposely picked NYC as a getaway not only because it is a half hour flight away but because not only do they have incredible food and drinks but because they have incredible GLUTEN FREE food and drink. They have mastered the art of gluten free food and I couldn’t wait to get back into the Manhattan skyline and eat all the best gluten-free (not gonna lie – mostly carb based cravings) and great eats.

Here are my Top 4 favourite gluten free finds I discovered this time around:

  1. Keste Pizzeria

IF YOU LIKE PIZZA and trust – everyone loves pizza… 10/10 YOU HAVE TO GO!

This place was recommended to me by the last 3 times I have gone to NYC by literally EVERYONE. I am pretty sure it is known as some of the best NYC pizza and that includes their gluten free version. Almost their entire menu can be made gluten free and they use a separate oven and kitchen supplies meaning it as safe as it can get in this kind of place. I was so so excited as pizza is a staple in my diet as it is my favourite food like ever.

I had to check it out and it was true Neapolitan pizza. It was fantastic and lived up to the recommendations. Kevin and I ordered different types of pizza and enjoyed it on a 10/10 extent. Kevin and I consistently say we are pizza drunk when we eat incredible pizza and were so impressed. The gf crust was so fluffy, soft but the perfect pizza texture. I could not get over the fact it wasn’t made of gluten.

These guys have mastered the gf crust and made me feel included in having a true new yorker pizza experience.

Here is a picture of me being pizza drunk living my best life: p.s. I think I ate pizza for every meal… LOL

2. A La Mode Ice Cream Shoppe

THIS PLACE WAS AN ALL TIME FAV. I shared it on my instagram so make sure to check out that post but I visited this very special and magical place while out in NYC this week… I’m so glad I came across it to give myself a special vaca treat!

A La Mode is a small batch home made ice cream shoppe that is made entirely in an egg free, nut free, sesame free facility. Every persons dream, am I right? Well… if you’re like me it is! They of course have gluten free options and even dairy free.

I stuck with a simple choice of vanilla bean sorbet and tasted their apple cider sorbet (both to die for!!!!!) and no concerns on a reaction! Also the gf cone was a nice touch. My nut allergy boyfriend (he was loving this place) got to have his choice of flavours and topping and went with a rocky road!

Let me tell you this place has amazing options in flavours and you can tell they get creative! They even sell it by the tub and online!

The entire shoppe was set up so adorably and you can even have birthday parties in the back room! (Aimed at kids which is wonderful but just sayin’ I’d have a great time there too…)

Thank you a la mode for a great experience and we will be back! Totally recommend to all as a stop for a quick treat before hitting up a stroll through Central Park!

3. Bistango
This may be one of my current fav restaurants of all time but basically they have a regular food menu and a gluten free menu and its amazing. It is a bit more fine dining but has that incredible hole in the wall local vibe. It is hidden within the bustling streets of the city in a tiny room with a beautiful bar and kitchen experience. They are educated on celiac safe and having amazing gluten free bread (served without even asking for it)…We had too many apps, some chianti and an amazing pizza. Again, this was an amazing place and the kind of experience I live for.

11/10 Approved! You have to go.

4. Blooms Delicatessen

Bonus Find! I try to make it to blooms every NYC trip because its a quick style diner meant for breakfast or brunch but you can tell they changed the game in dining out for breakfast for gluten free peeps. They have a completely separate gluten free menu and they know to use separate kitchen tools…and it was so simple! I remember asking them about a different toaster and such and they looked at me like I was the alien “of course,” they said. On top of that, most of their regular menu is on the gluten free menu making you feel #inclusive. They serve the usual eggs and sandwiches, basically all breakfast foods and they can all be made deliciously gluten free. Again, their gluten-free bread was a soft and wonderful experience…just sayin’.

This was my go-to place to meet @glutenfreeglobetrotter and if I lived in NYC I would probably have to eat here every morning and I would probably spend all my money there….

Hahaha….until next time Blooms!

Let me know your fav NYC Spots in the comments! Until next trip loves, talk soon <3

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  1. Sheila 2 years ago

    I love Keste gluten free pizza crust. It’s amazing. The next time you’re in NYC check out Senza Gluten Bakery. The backed goods are great and they also serve food. I love their paninis and pizza. They also have other great dishes. Also Grom has the best gelato I’ve ever tasted. A big plus is that this shop is totally gluten free. Just a few places to add to your list for your next trip.

    • Author
      Anna Kruusi 2 years ago

      Yes thank you so much! Definitely will add it to the list for the next visit!

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