Top 3 Nut Free Holiday Candies

I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world! Especially this time of year when all the festive candies keep popping up and seem to just be SITTING on the counter in front of you for 8 hours a day. I swear  to god that jar on my desk has a whole in the bottom…

I find the struggle with candy for me is finding nut-free alternatives in the holiday season as a lot of candies are filled with chocolate covered almonds or hazelnuts and any kind of nutty enemy. So here are my top 3 nut free holiday candies we allergy restricted kids can enjoy too!

  1. Wholesome Candy Canes

I just discovered these the other day and I am addicted! These have no artificial colours or flavours and they are still super cute! The canes are free from nuts, corn syrup, dairy, casein, gluten and they’re organic! The canes are also made in Canada and vegan! Super nut-free and super safe!

2. Free2b Snack Breaks Dark Chocolate Peppermint Dark

I recently found this at my local health food store and I am in LOVE! I am obsessed with holiday bark but can never indulge in it because it’ll always contain at least one ingredient I can’t have…and I never mastered making a great peppermint bark. Finding this was a treasure this season so I will be patiently waiting online until they restock.Their bark is peanut free, dairy free, tree nut free, gluten free, coconut free, egg free, soy free, mustard free, corn free, fish free and shellfish free. An allergy kid like me’s dream basically! They also happen to be fair trade certified, kosher and NONGMO project verified.

3. Dandies Peppermint Marshmallows

I love these!! They are the best in a vegan hot chocolate or amazing to make any great holiday desserts with! I am a big fan of gluten free and festive rice crispy squares. These marshmallows are made with all natural ingredients, gelatine free, vegan, free from peanuts, nuts, milk, egg, wheat, fish, shellfish, and corn. No corn syrup and made in a dedicated vegan facility. Amazing!

Enjoy my fellow sweet tooth!


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