My IUD Experience


So, If you have read my last blog post you will know that I decided to get an IUD.

I’m here to tell you all about my experience!

The Insertion.

The best time to get your IUD inserted is during your period to make it a more comfortable experience so, that is what I did. Luckily, my doctor is very detailed in explaining everything that is going on and made me feel so comfortable getting this procedure.

So, my doctor opened the package and she shows me the applicator which is basically the around 9-11″ inches long and it holds the tiny IUD inside of it. This kinda shocked me because I didn’t think it would be that long, to be honest. lol


Then my doctor began the procedure and it felt like a bit of a pinch when it went in, kinda like when you get your Pap test. Then it started to feel like a large amount a pressure was building. Almost like someone is sitting on your vagina, dealing with this uncomfortable feeling was really most of what I had to deal with and I didn’t think it really “hurt” and was more uncomfortable. This pressure lasted probably about 5-10 minutes and then she went in to cut the strings which feel like a little bit of a pinch again. Not really a juicy story.

When I did get up to put my pants back on, my blood was all over the paper they put on the beds because I had my period getting the procedure done. I did chuckle to myself, thinking of whoever has to clean this up…I probably could have removed the paper but yeah, I didn’t. lol

They say you may have cramping after but I didn’t and I went on with my day but I did take that day off just so I could relax after the procedure if I did have cramping and wanted to chill.


The Ultrasound – to make sure the IUD placement is in alignment.

This was the worst part for me.

First of all,  the ultrasound clinic I went to all the employees you could tell just hate their job. Basically, because I don’t think one person smiled at my visit and I encountered 3 different people.

I did forget my registration form and they had to call my doctor for a new one so maybe I pissed them off. Didn’t seem like a big deal to me!

Anyways, I didn’t really get told what was going to be done and I have never had an ultrasound before, just thought oh okay…gotta get an ultrasound and didn’t realize that this ultrasound would take place inside of me!

So, I have been holding my pee for about 2 hours now because you have to drink a litre or 2 before you go for your ultrasound. My appointment was pushed back because they were very behind in schedule.

I finally get to see the ultrasound tech and she starts out but doing a regular ultrasound over my lower abdomen and then tells me to take off my pants and I asked why she said some fancy word for inside your vagina ultrasound and explained this is how we tell the IUD is in the right spot. Therefore, I said okay and proceeded.

The object they use looks basically like a dildo with a condom on it and she inserts it, the uncomfortable and rather painful part is that when she pushes the object to one side, that you have to press down on your pelvis in that area and OH MY GOD, I wanted to cry and I don’t know how I did not. I just felt like the whole experience that day was miserable. I left that day, with a heightened appreciation and respect for all women, especially pregnant women.

Its been about 2 months now with the IUD and really I haven’t noticed anything that different. I have had some spotting which is normal and regular periods.
I did have this crazy dream about my IUD falling out recently but maybe I’ll leave that story for another time!

I hope my story, helps you decide on what type of birth control method is right for you and you had a laugh or smile or both!

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