Ignorance + Make-Up (Celiac Stories)

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My Ignorance + Make Up

I’ve recently been on a long journey with my makeup and skincare routine and thought since I’ve finally found a good balance, I’d share it with you!

I’ve always struggled with constant active acne and blemishes, I’ve also been a very lazy skincare girl. Cleanser here, occasional acne pad there and super famous for falling asleep with my makeup on – which for girls and skin prone to acne is the worst thing you can do!!! 

The biggest recent change I made was last year, I switched my birth control (Pam talks IUD’s here) but I had been on the pill for 7 years and I truly believe it helped hide the acne that was trying to come out. Besides that, the pill had many cons for me but thats a different conversation.

As I grew up, I learned a lot about make-up. Luckily, I’m the type of girl to love my natural look and make-up ,look, both I feel great and myself in but acne has been my downfall which I know most can relate.

When I switched from the pill to my IUD I had almost clear skin, little to no acne just the occasional flare-up which was normal. The day after I was off the pill, it was like I had hit puberty all over again at 22. Needless to say, I was what the bullies called a pizza face and there was nothing calming me down. I got super insecure about it, tried to hide it with my cheap Wal-mart makeup and let it take over my life. Yes, that’s right, I was still only wearing whatever I had been buying at Wal-Mart and Shoppers Drug Mart for the last 7 years… Well most products, the occasional highlighter and mascara was a splurge. The pill had hidden so much of the acne for me, I was incredibly ignorant. I wasn’t caring or noticing to care about my skincare or make-up routine for years. I thought it didn’t matter.

As I grew up being celiac as well I was reading and learning about gluten in make-up and how it can affect celiacs and their skin but being on the pill I thought I was in the clear since my skin was doing good and the (cheap) make-up I was buying was good enough and made me feel good. 

At 22, switching to the IUD was the best thing for me but about 8 months into realizing I was still struggling with 13 year old acne again I knew it couldn’t JUST be birth control based anymore. I had just gotten a new job at this time where the air in the kitchen that I spent 8 hours a day in was very oily, so I figured it was that and there was nothing I could do…Until it never let up and continuously got worse. 

10 months later…I finally gave up. I went back to my 15 year old skin care routine and hoped it’d help and it did… I got to the point of washing my face WAY more, wearing a thinner foundation and using acne pads regularly. It got to the point of manageable but I started to notice irregular breakouts – like almost every single kind on my face in one day (do a quick search on types of acne and you can learn a lot about your skin!) . Insane I know, I started to feel insecure, unlucky, ugly and so angry at my body. I was 23, WHY WAS THIS STILL HAPPENING TO ME?! What was I doing wrong… 

So I immediately went straight to my diet – which is where I go when there is no where else to turn. I was not by any means eating healthy at this point as I was working long hours and the stress of a new job made me (clearly) very ignorant to a lot of things but I was ignoring the healthier foods but still eating well enough to make sure everything was allergy safe. So I made the switch right away, cut back on my dairy (again which I had just started to re-introduce to my diet which clearly did not work for me by the way), and cut back on the sugar. That was the newest thing I hadn’t noticed until later which ended up affecting my acne a lot. A lot of sugary foods at this new job, very tempting but now I had to avoid them to help the acne..or at least in moderation. Those damn candy bars, am I right? (If you did not know, I work at a wedding venue!) But yeah, damn those delicious sugary candy buffets, my sweet tooth vs. my sensitive skin…

Cutting these two things helped a little until last month, finally the right light bulb went off! I realized, no pill meant my skin was in its more natural state where my body is the most prone to be affected by gluten. Gluten…gluten… GLUTEN-FREE MAKE-UP. And since I was being a cheap-o unnecessarily at this time, I knew right away that all my make-up was horrible for my now adult skin and I could not be wearing Anna’s 14 year old Wal-Mart junk (don’t get me wrong there are some great things there, but the products I had been using were awful and not the good ones) much longer with these kinds of sensitivities going on. I knew they all were filled with gluten. It was one of those A-HA! moments I should have had months ago.

So the next couple weeks I skipped out on the take-out and saved up my pennies for the Sephora shopping trip every girl loves to have and I know I needed, I am happy and finally feel like an adult deciding to invest in something like this, it’s so important as an adult to invest in yourself and something as small as your everyday make-up look can do wonders for your self confidence and care. I did some research beforehand and wanted to stick to 2-3 brands MAX as I learned what I like and what would work for my skin. I decided Too Faced and Tarte would be a good place to start as I already knew I loved the look/colours of their products and I knew some friends that use and trust their brands. Tarte I am the most interested in as I knew Pam uses them because they are vegan and cruelty-free products as well as gluten free.

I met with one of Sephora’s aestheticians and told her about all of my allergies/issues and concerns and she was very helpful and knew exactly what I was looking for. It was actually really exciting as it felt like every girls shopping dream trip… She helped me pick out my every-day current look but with better products, nicer colours for a little confidence boost and all safe products. I did end up getting a Too Faced product as I did know that most of their products are gluten-free too, I ended up just liking their bronzer palette colours a bit more so I snagged one of their bronzer/face palettes for everyday and am completely in love with it!!

I will post pictures here of everything I got as a mini haul! If you’re looking for Tarte or gluten-free products, get them here!

Pro tip I learned this day: You’re supposed to wet your beauty blender before use!! That way it won’t absorb all the make-up and does a better application to your face. Wow. Who knew…clearly not me.

For skincare, I am keeping it simple as I feel all the new gluten-free makeup is very helpful already. My foundation is much lighter yet better coverage which is super helpful for insecurity and that oily kitchen I mentioned.  I am being sure I am washing my face before/after bed, I am using deep cleansing make-up wipes that are beside my bed for those (consistent) lazy nights for me, and I’m using low chemical acne pads for when I have active acne. I’m also sure to wash my face very well with soap and water or a cleanser when I shower too. Another big tip is to be sure to wash your pillow cases regularly as they can hold a lot of germs/dirt/oil from your face too!! Especially if you’re a tummy sleeper like me.

The one thing I did add to my skincare routine this year was a water-based toner and an oil-free moisturizer (trying to avoid those wrinkles young, you know) both of which I highly recommend now. I had no idea what toner was for when I bought it but I am glad I did. In summary, it actually is a simple way to deep clean your face of oil and dirt and help close/cleanse your pores. I went with a water base as I try to steer clear of anything with too much bleach in it or bleach like chemicals as I’m very pale normally so I like to be as tan as I can when possible and keep that tan, I mean I am a natural tanner but I won’t lie a little touch of sun-kissed bronzer can always help a girl feel good about herself so I gotta do what I gotta do. I am using my moisturizer on my days off and also use these days to give my skin a break, keeping it clean and free of any and all make up giving “my skin air to breathe” as my mama likes to say.

I am now a month into my g-free makeup routine and skincare routine and already my face feels lighter, way less oily even with that crazy kitchen, I feel more confident, I feel good and excited to do my make-up and not as lazy for my skincare routine but the greatest news – absolutely no new breakouts!! YAY!!

So, so far so good. I will keep y’all updated. Until next time…

Peace out. A-town.

(Get it, Anna town, ok.. I’m lame. I’m done now, ok bye.)

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